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I am guessing if you are reading this your business was born out of a passion to either make money, create something amazing or fill a gap. What a wonderful place to start your business.

If you are in the business of relying on other businesses, B2B you will know all too well the challenges that you are faced with each and every day. Did you start your business by thinking you had a point of difference? That passion, burning desire to solve a problem, I hear you I am in this game.

So why incorporate the principals of Account Based Marketing, ABM?

It essentially combines sales and marketing strategies to a particular account. What you do is personalise particularly targeted accounts within a specific market.

Content as always is key and basing your message on needs and attributes is where you need to pay close attention that way it becomes effectively more personalised. Focus on solving the problem you set out to solve. Too many businesses get stuck in reactive marketing and lose sight of who they set out to be.

The aim is about targeting quality leads to gain higher conversion.

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