Why your personal brand matters

I've spent the past few years working with a number of startup businesses on the international stage. One of the main things I get asked when speaking at events is, how many followers do I have on Instagram?

Truth be told I was never an advocate of me as an influence for any of the brands I advocated for. Why, well truth be told my personal brand is too important to me. I didn't own these businesses, I worked for them. What about when I leave the job? What if this organisation doesn't have the same morals as me? We should consider how well we are truly aligned to the place we work for.

Should we as employees be giving away our worth just because we work somewhere? Is it expected these days? Well anyone who has a profile on LinkedIn knows that you are instantly attached to a brand when you upload an organisations logo/ work profile so in effect you are advocating for that brand yes but are we influencing people. Simply yes.

When we buy into personal brands we do so based on trust, perhaps these influences have something interesting to say, their expertise, a new insight, product offering, promotion, aspiration. Think of a personal brand you have been keen on. Me, well I cant go past Jamie Oliver or Rick Stein.

When and if you collaborate your work and personal brand together to influence, is up to you. A good framework should be developed so you are clear on how you manage your road map, content and whom you are targeting. Some clear examples of work-streams where it would benefit:

- a personal trainer, aiming to increase awareness among local competitors offer a point of difference . We seek out experts what are the current trends capitalise on your content by showcasing across a multitude of platforms.

- health practitioners, we love an expert so increasing your personal brand be it a nutritionist, dietitian, etc will allow people to trust you.

- chef, cook or artisan baker, we love great food, culture and the fomo will always appeal so let people know who you are, why you do what you do and what is on offer.

This list is great. It really comes down to what you are willing to achieve, sacrifice and offer.

If you have a personal brand you need to explore further, let us know we can assist you understanding how you can tell your story!


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