The rise of the Growth Manager

So what exactly are Growth Managers, Growth Hackers or Head of Growth employees and if you are not a technology startup should you be considering this?

Short answer, yes.

They have the benefit of viewing product development and marketing as integrated functions. They are strategic creative thinkers who are great leaders. Leadership is key in driving new business and aligning with all internal and market led business functions.

Growth Managers, the rise came within technology start ups. They remain rather less understood than most marketing roles, they lie within marketing and product development and focus on customer acquisition, retention and how to get the best out of add on sales or up-selling. They rely on data, its the fuel that guides decision making. Infrastructure should be available which makes full use of analytic software such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, to A/B testing tools. They blend data to provide customer insights, they have a deeper understanding of users needs, habits and feedback. Furthermore the Growth Manager is responsible for new initiatives and product changes that need to occur.

The Growth Manager usually reports either to the CEO, the vice president of Product Management, or the vice president of Marketing. They work cross-functionally with engineering, design, analytics, product management, operations, and marketing to design and execute growth initiatives.

They have three core objectives:

  1. define and design the growth plan

  2. project manage and implement the growth plan

  3. fully optimise revenue and sales funnels

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