Why you are not converting on social media

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I am going to paint a picture for you.

You have your business listed online, you have a Facebook and Instagram page and maybe you post occasionally? You may even post daily but you are not converting, you have checked your insights and know you have people looking at what you are posting they are more often than not mostly competitors or friends. At a glance I could pin point why those posts wont convert to foot traffic in your club, cafe and your eCommerce site sits idle. You do need to own that no cut through is simply not relevant to your audience. I hear each day, 'but I am doing all the right things' if this was the case then you would be converting?

Without understanding your marketing strategy, I would simply say you have no idea who you are trying to target. If I asked you to write down your ideal customer, then your current customer, are they the same? Maybe you are trying too hard, maybe not hard enough? Chances are what you are doing is not working as best as it could be.

Start simply

Before you develop your next social campaign please research! I mean truly understand who and why you are trying to capture that audience.

Then, start with one long form content piece, blog, news article etc, (Make the topic relevant to your business).

Next create and break it up into articles, vlogs and then distribute across platforms.

Capture the metrics, insights and comments for feedback. Do you boost or not? Well for more on where you go next, lets chat!

I have worked in marketing for nearly twenty years, I have recently traveled the world where marketing was my job, I love what I do and I can assist you to understand not only your business and how its truly being perceived but why you have nothing to lose by contacting an expert.

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